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Google Glass as an integrated medical device

EPGL Medical have announced their intention to integrate Google Glass into their range of medical technology devices. Uses such as in-theatre feedback vision, hands-free symptom/database query and sugeon-surgeon communications have been highlighted by Dr David Markus of EPLG. He said "physicians using our devices will be able to utilize technology such as Google Glass while performing procedures, using our devices and viewing feedback data in real-time. The advancement of these exceptional new technologies are ideal for medical applications as doctors need a hands-free reference to feedback data while performing procedures."

The company is no newcomer to advanced medical technology - it has filed over 50 patents related to this to date - and has a so-called "secret weapon" device unique to the industry, although there in no indication this is related to Google Glass, as yet.

Virtual heathcare

The head of ICT delivery services and vendor management at London University College Hospitals, Mark Taglietti, says, “Google Glass represents a step change in technical innovation, wearable technology, and the convergence of personal devices in the workplace. The healthcare applications of Glass are wide-ranging, insightful and impactful, from enabling hands-free real-time access to clinical and patient information, to the transmission of point of view audio and video for surgical research and educational purposes. Glass marks the beginning of a truly remarkable journey for technical innovation within healthcare, enabling providers to improve the delivery of care, as well as overall quality and patient experience.”