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Card to be offered at retail stores

Offering features such as the ability to upload and download personal health documents, medial images, medical records from various healthcare providers and more, users are also given a free “Lifeline” telephone number that provides free unlimited voice and fax capabilities. While the concept of a digital PHR is certainly nothing new, the route MyMedicalRecords.com has taken in terms of distributing and promoting the concept; as well as making it simple for people to understand and actually use certainly is  The idea of providing a personal phone number to give out to one’s doctors, who can then simply fax in their medical records and other information and unifiying this in a central method is unique.  The average person simply doesn’t understand how powerful a centralized digital PHR can be, and this concept takes all the guess work out of it.

Android Apps

The launch of its Android mobile apps is the next step in the company’s long-term strategy to offer Web-based products and services on Verizon devices connected through Verizon’s Visual Voice Mail System, in addition to its Lifeline telephone numbers.  The Company has already moved a significant portion of its Lifeline telecommunications network to Verizon where it currently is hosting more than 48,000 Lifeline numbers.