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NHS Symptom checker for Android

UK NHS launches Android App

Worldwide, the UK's NHS is a unique healthcare organisation in that it is funded by the public taxpayer. Recently, it launched the NHS Health and Symptom checker on Google Play, as a complement to the various phone line, website and other self help services available to the UK population.

From the Google Play entry:

Key features

  • Health assessment on the move
  • A comprehensive range of symptom checkers
  • Personalised guides to looking after yourself
  • Option to save advice to your device

The app gives access to all their health and symptom checkers, covering a wide range of problems including dental pain, diarrhoea and vomiting, abdominal pain, rashes, back pain and burns.

Linked to the phone service

The apps are linked to the NHS 111 telephone service so, if a further assessment is recommended, you will be able to submit your contact details and a specialist will call you back.

It will be possible to review and amend your answers at any point and expand information on specific symptoms should you need additional help identifying them.

Symptom checkers

You can also get advice about how to relieve symptoms associated with specific conditions such as flu and hay fever.

There’s even the opportunity to get more specialist advice on issues such as mental health, contraception, sexual health matters and pregnancy problems.