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Small, remote population increases chances of accidental incest

Here's a real world problem not many people have to think about - accidental incest. Since iceland is a relatively isolated island, migration is low yet the total population of not much over 300k remains small. There are many urban tales of couples pairing up, only to meet again at some social function to find out they are related but didn't realise it.

To address this, the Islendiga App or "App of Icelanders" turns NFC enabled handsets (sorry iPhone users - that means Android, but an iPhone version is in the works) into a kind of early warning system when they are tapped together. The adline is "Bump the app before you bump in bed".

The provenance of the data is first class - it was developed by the Icelandic biotechnology company deCode Genetics with a background in census, family archive and church data mining research. Their database is said to cover 95% of all Icelanders from the last 300 years.


The app is available on the Google Play store, and recieving high ratings too.

There's another serious point to consider here - the legal one. Incest falls foul of the law - so being aware of any conflicts in this area becomes even more important.