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oPhone receivers

Send a smell to your contacts

Pushing the boundaries for remote communication" is a grand phrase you might think some PR guy has used to describe something which turns out to be trivial, like his app has some new emoticons. Not so with David Edwards and the oPhone - a system which allows the sender to literally transmit smells to any recipient with the appropriate receiver. The device connects to a regular Android handset and when activated runs an app showing synchronized images. Grandmas kitchen baking bread in the morning, freshly moved grass in the summer or a rose on your special one's birthday - you get the idea.

Medical uses include aromatheraphy, chemosensory, anosmia, stress relief and aversion therapy.

Smell the virtual coffee

oPhone Vapour Communicator"This is not just to deliver one odor, but to deliver a sequence of odors, as may happen when you enjoy a meal, or a walk through the forest, or a city.", said Edwards. Connecting to a user's smartphone via Bluetooth, the oPhone allows odors, or "oNotes", to be sent as an email, tweet or text message.

The oPhone is already being tested in conjunction with a coffee shop in Paris, France, called Café Coutume. The aim is to provide customers with a sensory experience.

Edwards explains: 

Imagine you are online and want to know what a particular brand of coffee would smell like. Or, you are in an actual long line waiting to order. You just tap on the oNote and get the experience,

The final product, due out later this year, will come with two oPhones, a choice that Edwards says is a compromise to ensure people can experience more than once smell simultaneously. “You can have these great coffees on one side and breads on the other side,” he explains. “There will be some oTracks that use two oPhones and some that use one.” 

Four specially-designed "oChips" are built into the oPhone in order to translate these profiles into smells. These chips combine to allow the creation thousands of different scents, which when emitted form a cloud around six inches (15 cm) in diameter that lingers for 20 to 30 seconds.

Head on over to vaporcommunication.com for more.