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Vital statistics via mobile healthcare

Rich, relevant & real time: medical information, remotely

Medical Doctor Specialists select and customize the Clinical Biochemistry Profile Analytes they wish to measure from the Biometrics Clinical Chemistry Standard Cell Technology Library in the Biometrics Platform Application Developer Ecosystem, all within the BioCloud.

BioCloud Technology

BioCloud is creating a whole new market sector in preventive healthcare that empowers consumers with a comprehensive product line of nanobiocards, each measuring groups of clinical biochemistry associated with medical biochemistry and medical physiology specialties. MD's can give these nanobiocards to their patients to empower them with the technology to read their biochemistry as part of a comprehensive preventive healthcare ecosystem.

Vita signs via mobilephone

nanobiowave is developing a product line of clinical biochemistry measurement biochips / test strips that are integrated to standard contactless wireless smartcards / javacards to give consumer and professional market sectors the capability to measure or read a persons clinical biochemistry with multianalyte electrochemical electrode array micro-nanotechnology and generate brilliant displays using nanobiowave's "Medical Biochemistry Symbolic Mapper (TM)" to realize a revolutionary product line of ubiquitous broadband access medical biochemistry communications platforms.

In principle there are four transducer classes available for biosensors. These are potentiometric, amperometric, optical and other physicochemical probes which convert a biochemical signal into an electrical. Potentiometric electrodes, such as ion-selective field-effect transistors (ISFET) [3], measure the change of charge density. Amperometric sensors, i.e. dissolved oxygen electrodes [4], monitor currents originated by a biochemical reaction. Optical biosensors correlate changes in mass, concentration, or detect directly changes in light characteristics or intensity. As an important example, surface plasmon resonance (SPR) devices have to be mentioned [5]. Other physicochemical transducers monitor biological interactions via changes in conductance [6], mass [7] and enthalpy [8].